Esther Poppe

I am artist working at/on the intersection between art, art education, curation, research and cultural - activist work. Through my practice and study engagement I have gathered experience in choreography, performance & embodiment. Giving importance to notions of Corporeality making tangible the role of the body in organising human experience and history. Strengthening and employing strategies of refusal, resistance and withdrawal. Productivity forcing myself in pursuing a constant fluidity and uncomfortable mobility, reversing the mirror towards my identity politics, my diasporic body - as a product of time and space.I find myself working within Painting, site-specific installations, methods of collaging, curation, writing, collective readings, filmmaking, sound works. Using the flows of performative structures formed through_scores & Diagrams_that seem to create states of indeterminacy und splatteredness_ ?_playing on the outskirts of (un)known terrain of the city and emotional disorientation of dissonant forces, coming alive creating potentialsituations by embracing poetry, sound, and writing_and collaborative collectivity

I work in fields of art, art education, curatorial practices, practical theoretical research - based approaches to questions I have within the the contemporary art. Performance, choreography & embodiment combined with post-/de-colonial discourses have deepened my interest in shifting and re_defining conventional roles and boundaries - which is more easily described as intersectional. Eventually aiming to establishing a practice to permits shared understanding of what radical intersubjectivity as practices can help in constructing new shared perspectives.

Tätigkeitsbezeichnung: Aktivist*in, Künstler*in, Kurator*in, Kulturvermittler*in, Lehrbeauftragte*r / Dozent*in

Sparte: Bildung, Theater & Darstellende Künste, Film & Video, Poetry & Spoken Word, Performance, Museum, Bildende Kunst

Ort: Frankfurt am Main