King Lear


Do, 9.05.19, 19h - 21.30h


Tonhallenstraße, 3

32423 Minden


Stadttheater Minden



„Nothing will come of nothing …“ When the King of Britain abdicates and divides his Kingdom between his daughters, he sets in motion a chain of events that will lead to madness, torture, political duplicity, and ultimately, civil war. The harsh world of Lear’s Britain is shot through with human kindness, absurd humour and the possibility of redemption. In this accessible, modern dress production, with it’s themes of dispossession, mental fragility and fractured kingdoms, Shakespeare’s bleakest tragedy is as timely now, as ever. „The Suttoners“ have been bringing theatre to Minden since 1977, most recently with their acclaimed production of, „The Crucible“.

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